project management
and evaluation services

Why work with us? Our clients say that working with us benefits 
their organisation

We’re Experienced.

We combine strong academic research skills with practical experience of successful grant applications, project delivery and strategic management.  This enables us to deliver results that do a lot more than just look good in theory- they work well in practice too.


We're Objective.

Our independence adds credibility to results and conclusions, avoids bias and provides a fresh perspective to projects and strategic plans.  Funders and stakeholders are often keen to see independent confirmation of the value of your work.


We're Creative.

We're familiar with a broad range of research tools and methods and will work with you to choose the right approach for your specific needs.


We're Focussed.

As external consultants, we work with your organisation to complete specific tasks and projects. We always focus on meeting your deadlines with quality work. Our advice and experience ensures that you maximise what is achieved with the resources you have available.


We're Affordable.

We understand the particular budgetary constraints our clients in the public and voluntary sectors face. We agree all charges with clients in advance, including any expenses. There are no surprise fees or unforeseen extras.


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